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Our purpose is to launch worlds into the world. To do this, we provide an environment that is multicultural and that follows government agency guidelines in other countries. We align our curriculum to that of international institutions, offering international and national secondary school certification. We also offer exchange programmes to promote the experience of studying in regular schools abroad and we have a multicultural group of tutors and students.
Our Bonja identity is also present in Bonja International: the joy of being together, the respect, the learning that requires inspiration, interaction, and harmony.

We value the essence of each student, turning them into people that are able to accomplish their dreams in today’s world. Destiny: Wherever your wings take you.
Bonja is the first international school in Santa Catarina that is authorized by the Educational Council of Santa Catarina. We open doors to the world with trilingual education.

Our students don’t just learn a language, they experience it! We offer an international education, which aims to develop learners who are: researchers, inquisitive, knowledgeable, open-minded and have a sensitive outlook on other perspectives and realities, in order to better understand the world and to value and respect differences.
Bonja International offers programmes that focus on learning school subjects using the English and German language as a medium of instruction. It also fosters the learning of concepts with an interdisciplinary approach, while involving a series of activities that promote critical thinking.


Primary Programme
Full-time, immersion programme for an international education, integrated and trilingual curriculum.

The Early Years Education (Nursery, K4 and K5) promotes the effective development of the English and the Portuguese language in a fun way for children from 3 years of age.

They are also introduced gradually to the German language.Those are the first steps to launch worlds into the world

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Bilingual Programme
Trilingual programme for Early Years and Primary Education, extended hours model, language immersion using English or German methodology.

Learning languages is promoted through active and collaborative methodologies. The student develops creativity and critical thinking. The student lives the language in exclusive classrooms with arrangements to promote collaborative learning. Students also learn and do activities in the vegetable garden, in the cinema, in the experimental kitchen, in special spaces for storytelling, in the exclusive parks, in the various green areas for exploring nature and in the sports areas.

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IB Diploma Programme
For high school. International Baccalaureate, multicultural education which prepares students for the world through experiences and immersion in Portuguese, English and German or Spanish.

In the IB, students attend courses with international content, taught in English. They develop a high degree of autonomy, maturity and skills thanks to a challenging curriculum. The Programme allows them to continue their studies anywhere in the world and to enter renowned universities abroad.

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Teaching is just a part of what BONJA school does.

We also learn, with the students, with the teachers, with the world!
And as we learn, we teach more, we teach better.
We evolve every day to educate with excellence, from kindergarten to high school.

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Trilingual Education
Deutscher und Englischer Zweig